Oldies but goodies! Scrap Quilt Favorites celebrates popular scrap patterns from the last ten years of The Quilter Magazine. Each of the 18 pieced designs can be made from small cuts of stash fabric and leftover remnants. Rewritten and updated, the projects are geared toward beginner and intermediate-level quilters. Many of them can be completed in a few weeks or even in a single weekend! Colorful and appealing, the quilts cross over into any season and are decorative as well as functional.
   Do you have a stash of reproduction feedsack prints? You'll love Feedsack Wind Farm. Pre-cut strips? Rust & Brown will use up your stockpile! Mottled fabric? Try Tutti-Frutti Slush. Solids and textures? Check out Apple Butter Placemats.
   If you're a serious fabriholic (or even a beginner who has just started a stash), you'll want to buy and keep this special issue with your fabric collection!

This special collector's edition is a true value at just $6.99 (that's only 39 cents per pattern)! Purchase Scrap Quilt Favorites in bookstores or click the button below to order online.

Here is a small sampling of the projects included...

Baby Rails Flower Garden Ripple Effect
This special collector's edition can be purchased in quilt shops and bookstores, or