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updates and correctioms

As careful as we try to be, odd things sometimes happen.
We've posted corrections published during the past few years in one convenient listing.

August/September 2014

Succotash Salad (page 52)
In the Materials list, 2½ yds. of white tonal fabric are needed, not 2 yds. as listed. If you have already purchased your fabric, you will need an extra ½ yd.

April/May 2014

Scrappy Argyle (page 36)
Diagrams 1 through 3 show a construction method that does not jive with the cutting directions given for the white block pieces. To match the diagrams, under the cutting directions for the assorted white fabrics on page 36, cut: Eighty-one 6" squares, recut each of 49 squares into six (not three) 1" x 6" pieces, and omit the 1" x 3" pieces entirely. They are not necessary. (Note: If you have already cut all the pieces as directed in the magazine, cut each of the 6" assorted print squares in half as directed in step 1, then cut the pieces in half again to yield a total of four 3" x 3" squares. Omit step 2 and refer to the Block Diagrams for assembly.)

December 2013/January 2014

Pattern Section
Oops! The patterns for "Owls' Playtime" were omitted from the tear-section in the December 2013/January 2014 issue. Click here to download the missing patterns.

Scrap Quilt Favorites 2013

Baby Rails (page 14)
Under the cutting directions: From each of the 12 fat quarter fabrics, cut: Nine 2⅜" squares (not 2¾" squares as stated). If you have already cut these squares, trim them down to the 2⅜" measurement.

October/November 2013

U.S.A. (page 74)
Due to a printer error, part of Diagram 1 is incorrect. The white/blue units shown in the magazine should be constructed in the same manner as the yellow/navy units in the same diagram. The text in step 1 is correct. See the revised diagram below.

block diagram

June/July 2013

Patriotic Table Ensemble (page 78)
Under the Cutting Directions, the placemat middle border strips should be cut from the navy star fabric, not the navy burst fabric. To ensure that you have enough fabric, increase the navy star yardage to ½ yd. instead of ⅓ yd. Alternatively, you can cut the middle border strips from the navy star fabric at 1" wide instead of 1½" wide, in which case the ⅓ yd. listed will be just enough.

Holiday 2012

Away in a Manger (page 14)
The placement of the 3" x 4½" red and blue stained glass pieces in the outer border of the quilt was not specified. These pieces must be placed in the center of the top and bottom border strips. See border diagram below.
border diagram

October/November 2012

Sunflower Fields (page 22)
A tiny typo crept into the Cutting Directions and remained hidden in plain sight—until now. Under the cutting for the cream floral and three beige tonal fabrics, cut six 2½" x 7⅛" pieces from each of the fabrics (for piece *), not two as stated. The yardage listed in the Materials list is sufficient.

June/July 2012

Fluttering Wings (page 42)
In the Quilt Layout Diagram, the top row of the quilt center was oriented upside down. The row should be rotated so that the Cross Roads blocks form an unbroken trellis as shown in the corrected diagram below.

Correct Diagram

fluttering wngs


Holiday 2011

Evergreen (page 59)
Under the Cutting Directions for the assorted medium and dark green print fabrics, cut:
Twenty-four 1½" x 4¼" (not 4½") pieces (for Block C, third tier)
Twenty-four 1¼" x 3¼" (not 3¾") pieces (for Block C, second tier)
Twenty-four 1¼" x 2¼" (not 2¾") pieces (for Block C, first tier)

Under the Cutting Directions for the light tan print fabric, cut:
Forty-eight 1½" x 2" (not 2¾") pieces (for Block C, third tier)
Forty-eight 1¼" x 2½" (not 2⅞") pieces (for Block C, second tier)
Forty-eight 1¼" x 3" (not 3⅜") pieces (for Block C, first tier)

October/November 2011

Madison Garden Squared (page 19)
Under the Cutting Directions for the black burst fabric, cut eight (not four) 3¾" x 42" strips; recut into eighty-eight (not forty-four) 3¾ " squares, then cut diagonally in half once (not twice). Increase the yardage from ⅝ yd. to 1 yd.

Under the Cutting Directions for the orange swirl and purple tonal fabrics, cut one 3¾" x 42" strip; recut into four (not two) 3¾" squares, then cut diagonally in half once (not twice).

Autumn's Bounty (page 17)
Under Consider the Possibilities, the wording for the last two sentences concerning the optional layouts shown should read (changes in italics): For the pieced option shown, you'll need ½ yd. of gold tonal fabric, instead of ⅔ yd. For the stitched option shown, decrease the green dot fabric to ¼ yd. from ½ yd. The yardage for the orange tonal fabric remains the same for both options.

June/July 2011

Remembering (page 72)
Under the Materials List, the yardage for the medium yellow solid should be ¼ yd. (not ⅛ yd. as stated). If you have purchased ⅛ yd., you can click here to print out a smaller version of the bow appliqué pattern, so that you can cut your pieces. If you use the smaller bow size, you may opt to use fewer streamers.

April/May 2011

Fruitful Orchard (page 54)
Under the Cutting Directions for the red tonal fabric, cut: eight 3⅞" squares (not four as stated), then cut diagonally in half once (for Blocks A and C). If your fabric measures 44" across, you may be able to cut the extra squares. If not, purchase an extra ⅛ yd. of red fabric.

Paisley Park (page 26)
Some of the side units in the Block Diagrams are positioned incorrectly. To match the featured quilt, all units should be turned as shown in the revised diagram below to form red star points around the center square. If you made your blocks as shown in the original diagram, you will have both red and green star points, which will create a slightly different effect from the featured quilt.

Correct Diagrams


February/March 2011

Dancing Dragonflies (page 18)
We were a little overzealous when directing readers to cut up two of the fabrics used in this quilt. On page 18, under the Cutting Directions for the green leaf fabric, only eight 1½" x 42" strips (for the nine-patch sashing blocks) should be cut, not eighteen as stated. The yardage listed for this fabric can be reduced to 1 yd. If you have already cut the extra strips, use them to add another border between the middle and outer border. From the cream/brown vine fabric, only seven 1½" x 42" strips are needed, not nine as stated.

Briar Patch (page 32)
Two of the pieces in the Quilt Assembly Diagram were mislabeled. The E pieces are the ivory floral squares and the F pieces are the yellow tonal triangles. The Cutting Directions are correct.
September 2010

Picture Perfect Violets (page 26)
Under the Materials List: 1⅝ yds. (not 1 yd.) of lavender floral stripe (No. 0470-01 Natural) [Note: If you already purchased 1 yd. of fabric, you will need to purchase an additional ¾ yd. cut. If substituting a solid fabric or allover print, 1 yd. will be sufficient.]
July 2010

Butterfly Dreams (page 36)
Under the Cutting Directions for the blue paisley floral fabric, cut: One 4½" x 42" strip; recut into one (not four) 4½" x 20" piece and one 1½" x 18½" piece (for appliques)

Butterfly Dance (page 67)
In the Cutting Directions on page 67 for the white tonal fabric, the first line should read: Two 4" (not 4½") x 42" strips; recut into twelve 4" (not 4½") squares (for Block A and B centers)

In the Block A Assembly on page 68, the first step should read: 1. Round 1. Using 3⅜" half-square triangles, sew a white tonal triangle to each of two opposite sides of a 4" (not 4½") white tonal square as shown in Diagram 1.

The squared-up block size remains 10½" x 10½" in step 3, and 10" x 10" when sewn into quilt.

Holiday 2009

Home for the Holidays (page 60)
In the Quilt Assembly and Finishing
1. Sashing units. Stitch a 2½" red tonal square to each end of a 2½" x 14½" red large floral strip. Repeat to make a second short sashing unit. Sew three 2½" x 14½" red large floral strips alternately together with four 2½" red tonal squares. Repeat to make a second long sashing unit. Stitch the remaining 2½" x 14½" red large floral strips to each of two opposite sides of each Block A.

2. Referring to the Quilt Center Diagrams and noting placement, stitch Blocks A and B together with the setting sections in diagonal rows. Sew the rows together with the long and short sashing units, then attach the corner sections as shown. Trim to measure 46" x 46", making sure to leave a ¼" seam allowance beyond all seam intersections.

(Click on image for larger view.)
Quilt Center Diagram
Quilt Layout Diagram

September 2009

Houses and Willows (page 36)
In the Cutting Directions, from the dark red plaid fabric, cut: (piece 7) One 2⅜″ x 42″ strip; recut into five piece 7 and five reverse piece 7. From the solid tan fabric, cut: (piece 6) One 1⅛″ x 42″ strip: recut into five piece 6 and five reverse piece 6
In the House Block Assembly 2. Roof section. Stitch one piece 5 to the left side of one piece 4 and a tan reverse piece 6 to the right side. Attach a reverse piece 7 to the lower right corner to complete one 2¾″ x 6½″ left roof section.
Pattern Piece 7 Cut five red plaid and five reverse red plaid. Click here to download piece 7 pattern.

July 2009

Antebellum Star (page 52)
Under the Cutting Directions for the brown paisley fabric, cut: Seven 2½" x 42" strips (not 2" x 42" strips); recut into twenty 2½" squares and forty-eight 2½" x 42" pieces. If you have already cut these strips at 2" wide, and have purchased 4 yds. of fabric, you should have enough fabric scraps left over to cut all your squares and rectangles.

May 2009

Simple Pleasures (page 49)

Under the Cutting Directions for the green large floral, cut one 24" x 42" strip (not one 22½" x 42" strip); then cut one 22½" square and two 11½" squares (not one 11½" square). If you have already cut a 22½" strip, you can cut one 22½" square and one 16½" square, then cut the 16½" square diagonally in half twice for your corner triangles. If you have cut all your strips, you may need to purchase ⅜ yard extra of the green large floral.

November 2008

Melanie's Quilt (page 24)

The directions given in step 4 for the third (pieced) border are correct. The Quilt Layout Diagram unfortunately shows an extra block in each third border strip.

September 2008

Tapestry Rose (page 36)
On page 36, under the Cutting Directions for the green tonal fabric, the following information was omitted: Cut two 4¼" x 42" strips; recut into ten 4¼" squares, then cut diagonally in half twice. Increase the yardage for the green tonal fabric from 1¼ yds. to 1½ yds.

March 2008

Jewel of the Night (page 56)
The Cutting Directions contained a typographical error. Under the large leaf print fabric, cut: Two 18¼" x 42" strips; recut into three 18¼" squares. (not 18½" squares). Also, under step 1, third sentence, "press seams toward the green (not blue) fabric to yield two half-square triangle units."

July 2007

Garden Patch quiltGarden Patch (page 25).
Due to a printer error, page 25 is missing and page 26 was printed twice. Page 25 consisted of a photo of the project, which also appears in a different shot on the cover. The directions are complete and there is nothing missing from the text.
To see a larger version of the missing photo, click here.

Winsome (page 63)
Under the Cutting Directions for the large pink/beige floral fabric, cut: Four 7⅝ " (not 6⅝ ") x 42" strips; recut into eighteen 7⅝ " (not 6⅝ ") squares (Note: If you have already cut your fabric, trim Blocks B and C to measure 10" square from raw edge to raw edge. Finished blocks will measure 9½" square instead of 10" square.)

March 2007

Orient Express (page 66).
On Diagram 4, the segment size was mislabeled. The correct width is 2" wide, as stated in the directions on page 65, not 2½" wide as stated on the diagram.

Holiday 2006

piece a
Royal Stars (page 62).
The pattern for Piece A was omitted from the pattern section.
Click here for pattern in PDF format .

Peppermint & Holly Berries (page 67)
Under the Cutting Directions, From the tan swirl fabric, cut: Three (not two) 13" x 42" strips. Increase yardage to 1⅝ yds. from 1¼ yds.

Gingerbread Houses (page 87)
Under Cutting Directions, From the border stripe fabric, fussy cut: Four (not one) 9⅛" x 18½" piece (for setting triangles).

quilt diagramNovember 2006

Portraits of Autumn (page 86).
Quilt Layout Diagram. The blocks in the layout diagram should be oriented as shown. Click here for diagram.

March 2006

Rainbow Log Cabin (page 85)
Under the Cutting Directions for the yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and orange fabrics, cut three (not one) 1¾" x 4" pieces from the first set of eight strips and one (not three) 1¾" x 42" pieces from the second set of eight strips for the border pieces. Cut an additional twelve 1¾" x 4" pieces from the remaining scraps.

Out of Africa (page 95).
In step 9, add 22 rust/black segments to the number of 8¼" wide segments to be cut for the border.

January 2006

Burgoyne’s Surrender (page 20)
Under the Cutting Directions: From the light red floral check fabric, cut: Fourteen (not twelve) 2¼" x 42" strips; recut four strips into forty-eight 2¼" squares (not two strips into twenty-four 2¼" squares). Increase the yardage in the Materials list to 1 yd. Also, From the light blue floral check fabric, cut: Twenty (not eighteen) 2¼" x 42" strips; recut four strips into forty-eight 2¼" squares (not two strips into twenty-four 2¼" squares). Increase yardage to 1⅓ yds.

Flaming Star (page 24)
Under the Cutting Directions: From the dark green dot fabric, cut: Two 3½" (not 3") x 42" strips; recut into eight 3½" (not 3") x 7½" pieces.

Bonnie Blue (page 68)
Omitted under the Cutting Directions: From the beige print fabric, cut: Four 4⅞" squares. Also: From the green tonal and beige tonal fabrics, cut: Eight 3⅝" x 9" pieces (not sixteen). Cut four (not eight) diagonally in half from upper left to lower right, and four (not eight) diagonally in half from upper right to lower left.
March 2005

Hydrangea Clusters (page 76)
The yardage for the plum blossom print should be 2¾ yards., not ¾ yds. and the yardage for the periwinkle hydrangea print should be 4¼ yds., not 2¼ yds.
January 2005

Under the Directions on pages 20, 31, 35, 39, 59 and 62: Note: Sew all pieces with right sides together (not wrong sides together) and raw edges even using matching thread.

Holiday 2004 — Quilting for Christmas

Holiday Squares (page 12)
Under From the third red print fabric (C), cut: Three 2⅝ " x 40 strips (not two); recut into forty 2⅝ " squares (not twenty)

HoHo! (page 70)
Under From the cream word print fabric, cut: Six 6⅝ " squares (not 6" squares). If you have already cut these squares, you can trim the red block centers down to 8" square instead of 8½" square.

Pearl Louise's Cinnamon Sugar Scones (page 50)
In the ingredients list, add one egg to the ingredients listed. (Scones can be made without the egg, but the dough will be a little dry.)

November 2004

Floral Pinwheels (page 28)
Under the Cutting Directions: From both the yellow print and dark pink print fabrics, cut six 7¼" squares (not three); cut diagonally in half twice. Increase the yardages for these fabrics from ⅜ yd. to ⅝ yd.

July 2004

Temple Flowers (page 48)
Under the Cutting Directions, it should read: From the blue check fabric, cut: Twelve 6½" x 18½" strips, NOT twelve 6½" x 18" strips. If you have already cut these strips, they can be lengthened by cutting and sewing a 1" x 6½" strip of the same fabric to one end of each strip, carefully matching the design. Or you can cut and sew a ¾" x 6½" piece of contrasting fabric to each end of each strip to create a scrappy look.

Vanity Fair (page 62)
The exploded view for the Block A Diagram is incorrect. The lower left unit is incorrectly turned. Please refer to the finished block diagram for the correct orientation.

May 2003

Garden Walk (page 36)
An incorrect measurement was given for cutting the side setting triangles. Increase the yardage for the large floral fabric to ⅜ yd., then under the Cutting Directions, cut four 9⅛" squares diagonally in half twice, not four 6¾" squares. In addition, from the floral stripe fabric, be sure to fussy cut the sixty 2⅛" x 3¼" pieces so that the floral design is centered.

March 2003

Glorious Grapes (page 45)
Please note: Paper piecing pattern in the pull-out section was NOT printed in reverse--if paper piecing, please reverse the pattern.

Hard Candy (page 53)
In the Materials list, increase the yardage for the white fabric from ½ yd. to ⅞ yd.

Ship's Compass Crib Quilt (page 79)
Under Cutting Directions for blue star print fabric, the first few lines should read: '"From the blue star print fabric, cut: 2 and 2 reverse of Piece A, 6 and 6 reverse of Piece D."
Please omit: "From the blue star print fabric, cut 2 and 2 reverse: 4 of Piece A, 6 of Piece D"

Quilting for Christmas 2003

Holiday Elegance (page 9)
The following was omitted from the Cutting Directions for the burgundy scroll fabric: "Fourteen 1½" x 4½" pieces (for pieced border)". The pieces are shown correctly placed in the Quilt Layout Diagram.

May 2002

High Tea (page 95)
The Materials list should have called for ½ yard of large blue floral fabric, not ⅓ yd.

Heritage Schoolhouse A reverse template for the paper piecing pattern is available in the September 2002 issue.

Down the Garden Path Revised pattern for Piece 1. A revised pattern will be printed in the July 2002 pattern pullout section or download the revised pattern.

March 2002

Patriotic Banners (page 82)
Step 2 of the Many Roads to the White House block directions should read   "cut sixteen 3" squares" not sixteen 5½" squares as printed.
Quilting for Christmas 2002

Chains of Hope (page 20)
The Quilt Layout Diagram should have six horizontal rows with four blocks in each row for a total of 24 blocks, not six rows with five blocks in each row as shown. The text is correct; the diagram is wrong. You can refer to the photo or download the revised diagram.
November 2001

Crystal Dawn
In the Materials list on page 61, 2½ yds. of raspberry swirl fabric are needed, not 2 yds. as printed. On page 62, the middle illustration in the right hand column of Diagram 7 should illustrate a yellow rectangle with red and blue corners, not a red rectangle with yellow and blue corners.

September 2001

Japanese Lanterns (page 21)
Under the Cutting Directions, the measurements for Piece B to be cut from the black tonal fabric should read 1⅞" x 3⅜" not 3⅝ " as printed.